5 Easy Link Building Strategies for Small Businesses
5 Easy Link Building Strategies for Small Businesses

Link building to loosely defined as the process of receiving links from other relevant and authoritative websites. While search engine algorithms have constantly evolved backlinks have remained a critical factor in determining the search engine ranking results. Here are a few strategies to build backlinks for your brand.


Outreach is the most conventional and convenient link building tactic revolving around most search engine optimization tactic in Dubai.

The principal goal of outreach is to build valuable backlinks from off-site websites to customer websites. These links pull the organic rankings up the list while exposing the company to newer audiences directing highly qualified and organic traffic to the customer website. 

Outreach also has an additional aim of extending brand awareness and building credibility. Outreach has attained even more important than ever to a successful integrated digital marketing solution. This is because backlinks are still considered as the strongest ranking factor in the google search algorithm.

As the Google algorithm has improved its effectiveness in its ability to detect, ignore and penalize shady link building practices, companies must earn links by generating high-quality content, which demand complex outreach communications and processes.

2. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging essentially means posting on another websites blog as a guest and thus earning a backlink to your own website and thereby a larger audience.

Guest blogging garners much interest in the world of SEO. It is a win-win situation for both guest and the host because it produces newer content for the host and increased traffic to the guest website thus improving SEO rankings.

3. Broken Link Building

Another most important and scalable link building tactic is broken link building.    Broken link building essentially involves finding a relevant broken link on a website, recreate or create something closely similar to the dead content, then ask anyone linking to the dead resource to instead link to your working content.

Here are a few ways of finding such backlinks

  • Find extinct pages on the top sites in your sphere of activity
  • Find broken links on these same sites
  • Find niche-relevant expired domains with backlinks 
  • Find broken links by scouring resource/links pages 

4. Unlinked Mentions 

There are instances where people might mention you or your business but fail to provide a link. As SEO experts in Dubai we know how critically important backlinks are in developing website authority, especially in trusted authoritative and relevant communities. Hence, we must take an initiative when we see a mention that is unlinked.

A simple solution would be to ask for the link. By mentioning your brand, it is proven that they find value as well as relevance in your product, service, or perspective, and this places you at a favourable position.

5. Finding a new purpose for old content

Link building tactics are not entirely out-reach based. Links can also be built by submitting appropriate content to avenues like infographic directories, video-sharing sites.

A long-form content can be converted to an interactive infographic or videos which would gain a much wider audience.