Best SEO Tools for Agencies by Google
Best SEO Tools for Agencies by Google

1. Google Analytics 

Google Analytics is a free web analytics service by Google. This tool is used to track general website traffic and other user behaviour like session duration, pages per session, bounce rate etc. along with the data on the source of the traffic.

2. Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a critical tool for SEO companies in Dubai because it features as a reporting process. Google has a new version replaced many old features with additional features, more data and report analytics.

3. Google Page Speed Insights 

Google’s PageSpeed Insights is crucial for SEO consultants in Dubai who want to get detailed reports about their website speed. It should never be used as the one size fit for all solution, instead it should be seen as a good starting point. This is because Google Page Speed Insights does not always give the accurate page speed. As it uses approximations the result in Google Page Speed may vary with other similar tools.

4. Google Search Console XML Sitemap Report

A sitemap is a file on your site that lists the webpages intended for the crawlers in the search engine. Issues in sitemap is critical for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in Dubai. Google Search Console XML Sitemap Report helps in diagnosing sitemap issues. Although images, videos or news URLs can be included in the sitemap, the report doesn’t currently show any information for such types of URLs.

For companies who offer SEO services, good reporting is critical. With the lion share of the search being done via Google, it is essential for companies to use the tools that they offer for free.