Three Cost-Effective Ways to Increase Organic Search Traffic.
Three Cost-Effective Ways to Increase Organic Search Traffic.

Organic search results account for 53 percent of trackable site traffic, according to a report from 2019. When you consider that paid search traffic accounts for only 15% of all traffic, you can see why search engine optimization (SEO) is so crucial.

SEO, on the other hand, is more than a traffic generator. Although the primary KPI for SEO is an increase in organic search volume and, as a result, leads and consumers from that channel, it also offers advantages for other internet marketing channels in UAE — and for your overall brand.

The more organic search traffic you drive, for example, the more people you can retarget. That implies you can use your paid digital channels to assist people to move through a funnel instead of just getting them on the internet.

With good organic search ranks, you can also lower your paid digital spend and blended customer acquisition cost (CAC). If your organic content ranks well on page one for a keyword, you may not need to worry about search engine optimization in Dubai (SEO)
for that term.

The brand value of SEO is, of course, significantly more than the paid digital CAC decrease. Great SEO can create a moat around your business, ensuring that you appear in some way whenever someone Googles a term connected to your sector. You're offering guidance, information, courses, newsletters, webinars, and whatever else you can think of to help that searcher find an answer. And, if the solution to the problem is difficult to implement, your organization is ready to assist.

When you start building this kind of leverage early on, you'll be years ahead of the competition. Yes, it takes time for the debt to be paid off. If you're just getting started, it usually takes at least six months to notice the effects. The SEO flywheel will take longer to fully take hold.

Several firms disregard SEO because of the long time it takes to see a return on investment. However, this isn't something they should be doing. Even a tiny bit of monthly SEO work might yield significant results in the long run.  

Here are three simple things you can do right now to start optimising for search.

1. Write a blog post once a month.

Many content marketers and SEO companies in Dubai will try to sell you on a huge content marketing and SEO strategy. You might write two to five blog entries every week under this plan –– and pay a lot to do so.

Things does not seem to be like this. Instead, start small by posting one piece of content per month. Here's what you're supposed to do.

1.      Gather your most often asked questions from customers (or, if you don't already have these, ask customers what questions they had before or after purchasing).

2.      Make a list of all the questions you have. The answers to these questions will now be the topics of your blog entries for the coming year.

3.      Look up comparable questions on Reddit, Quora, and Google to see how other people have answered them and how their audiences have responded.

4.      Now, write out an answer based on your own knowledge. Simply speak into your phone's microphone.

5.      Take that audio file and upload it to a transcribing service. On the internet, there are various services that will translate for $1 per minute.  

6.      Edit the article or give it to an AI copy tool, which will clean it up (and probably expand on it!) for you.

7.      Create a short URL for it on your website, such as Substitute the question or problem at hand for "How to tackle this issue."

Not every company is currently large enough to devote a significant amount of time and money on SEO. As you go, this will assist you in laying a solid foundation.

2. Create a link profile

Backlinks assist search engines in determining the trustworthiness of your website. You'll have no backlinks when you first start your site, which makes it appear untrustworthy to Google's algorithmic crawlers.

This is why, when starting a business, so many people buy pre-existing domains. A website's backlink profile is more likely to be good the older it is (or at least a backlink profile to speak of at all).

That's important since backlink profiles, which influence your domain's rating, can take a long time to develop. But don't be concerned! You can also create your own backlink profile. Here's how to do it.

1.      Respond to pertinent questions and conversions on Reddit, Quora, and other social media platforms. Give up your knowledge and advise for free, and when appropriate, include a link back to the articles you've been writing.

2.      Make films out of your articles and upload them to YouTube. You can backlink to your post in the video description on YouTube, which is the world's second largest search engine.

3.      Use Help a reporter or a B2B writer out. These daily emails request your opinion on issues in which you are knowledgeable. Simply answer, and you'll gain exposure and a backlink on websites all around the internet.

4.      Select a social media platform and post on it on a regular basis. Work to create a sense of community. This is beneficial to both your business and your backlink profile, as social networking sites have a high domain ranking.

These are low-hanging fruit options that won't make a big difference right now. These backlinks, on the other hand, accumulate over time, putting you in a significantly better SEO position than if you did nothing.

3. Hire an SEO professional on an hourly basis.

Okay, so your organization might not be able to afford to hire someone full-time to work on SEO. Many agencies start at $10,000 per month, so you might not be able to afford one. However, you might be able to hire an SEO expert for $1,500 per month to handle everything.

What other options do they have?

1.      Keyword research: It may help you develop a better strategy for the monthly articles you'll be writing over the following year, ensuring that they're optimized for keywords that your site can rank for in the near future rather than extremely competitive phrases that won't provide any results anytime soon.

2.      Backlink profile building: In addition to the free tools mentioned above, SEO experts frequently have existing relationships with external sites, affiliates, and other sources of backlinks that can help them drive backlinks more quickly.

3.      Website audit: A website's UX, which includes site speed and internal site connections, is an important aspect of SEO. SEO experts know how to analyze websites and spot changes that would improve the user experience and increase organic search traffic.

When it comes to SEO, there are numerous possibilities. Different ways will work for different firms, as they do for everything else. Ignoring SEO, on the other hand, is a huge error.

Small, iterative improvements build up –– and you'll wish you'd taken those small moves sooner rather than later in a few years.