A Short Guide to Improving Your Website’s Bounce Rate
A Short Guide to Improving Your Website’s Bounce Rate

One of the major reasons why businesses in the Middle East hire leading experts in the search engine optimization UAE sector is improve their bounce rates. Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors that land on a landing page of a website and leaves without navigating to a different page on that site. 

It’s no big deal, right?

It may not seem like a big deal as people still checked into the website before ‘bouncing off’. Many businesses see it in a positive light believing that the visitors were aware of the business’ existence enough to visit the site. But perceiving bounce rates that way is a bad call. 

The longer a visitor stays on a website, the more time the website gets to convert that visitor. If the visitor leaves without seeing all the great elements on the website and a call-to-action, there is actually no point in setting up a website that can convert.  

Improve bounce rates? 

Web owners generally check their bounce rates with the help of Google Analytics. But not many of them know of ways to improve bounce rates. In the Middle East, many companies employ a couple of tactics including deceptive ones and clickbaits to keep a visitor from bouncing off, but don’t always see positive results. This forces them to rely on experts providing SEO services in Dubai.

But if you are willing to fix the bounce rate issue of your website yourself, then check out the tips below.

Create and post good content on website consistently

Creating great content consistently is how you can keep website visitors hooked or guide them to a different page on the site. Engaging content not only drives traffic to the website but also improves bounce rate. But make sure that the content gives some sort of value to people who see it on the website and pique their interests.

Use catchy images & videos

What’s so great about videos is that they are more likely than almost anything else to get viewers to convert. Adding eye-catching images and videos that are relevant to the website’s brand can help improve bounce rates. Many visitors may not be keen on spending time on a website going through textual content. They may keep opening and closing websites till they see something catchy. A great image or video can stop them on their tracks and entice them to check out the website.

Improve site speed

Slow-loading websites have the highest bounce rates. According to Google, about 53% of mobile users leave a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Google also made site speed an important SEO ranking factor. If you make your visitors wait with a slow website, they will likely seek a faster alternative to your website.

Exit-intent popups

Exit-intent popups pop up just when a user is about to leave a website, and send them a message designed to encourage them to give the website a second chance. It could be a discount offer or other incentives that can convince them to stay on the site longer. Studies claim that about 70% of visitors that leave a website will never return. Exit-intent popups are one final push on visitors intending to leave. 


There are many more ways to improve bounce rates. But we couldn’t add them all for the sake of keeping this guide short and useful. Nevertheless, these tips can certainly help improve bounce rates on websites. If you still don’t see good results, you can hire an expert in search engine marketing Dubai sector to figure out what went wrong and where.