3 Useful Things to Consider For Local Businesses to Rank High in Google
3 Useful Things to Consider For Local Businesses to Rank High in Google

Every genuine SEO campaign has to overcome various challenges. As of a matter of fact, it isn’t even easy to determine an exact ROI with such efforts. Google’s changing algorithms makes things more difficult for local businesses. While content marketing is said to be one of the most effective SEO strategies, the truth is there is more to explore in SEO. If you take SEO Dubai for instance, content marketing is just one of the effective strategies they use.

The following are 3 useful strategies for any local businesses to get their ranks up in Google.

Content Alternatives

The typical content marketing involves posting fresh, appealing contents and then exposing them to the public through various means. People obviously like to share and talk about an appealing content they come across in a website. Though editorial links are more noticed by Google, there are other effective alternatives being adopted by many businesses, namely utilities, games and communities. 

The key is not appealing content but something engaging. Creating an online forum to build a community centered on the business is an emerging marketing trend many local businesses have started to adopt.

Avoid Keywords Matching the Domain Name

Many search engine optimization professionals might suggest using a keyword in the main website URL for a boost in Google rankings. However, that’s not the case. It will only end up in a rank drop as Google doesn’t approve of this technique. Google doesn’t recommend exact matching domain names whereas a decent brand name can get you noticed by Google’s web crawlers.

Just like when you search a product in Google, and a link from amazon appears in the results, business names can also appear prominently in results. They are catchier too.

Leveraging Social Media

Having a good presence in Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media platforms can actually do wonders for local businesses. However, it takes time and patience to catch the attention of users and keep them engaged in your social media pages. Once you manage to build a community in social media, it will be easier to attract potential customers and boost your business. Visual updates have a higher chance of being shared in social media channels.

There are a few other things you can consider in your marketing strategy apart from the ones listed above. A good SEO company can give you lots of options. Get your Google ranks higher by building communities online, implementing location-based SEO strategies, maintaining a responsive and mobile-friendly website.