Search Engine Optimization: What to Prioritize in 2019
Search Engine Optimization: What to Prioritize in 2019

SEO is a long-term marketing strategy - something that doesn’t grant overnight benefits but require a lot of effort and dedication. The search landscape is always being changed by search engine algorithm updates and advancements in search-associated technologies. Leading experts in the search engine optimization UAE sector recommends prioritizing certain core SEO activities in order to reap benefits next year. 

1. On-site and technical SEO 

On-page optimizations always had immediate impact on websites’ search engine visibility. They are typically seemingly simple activities that help search engines understand a website better which in turn translates to higher ranking rewards. There are a lot of things that can be done for effective on-page optimization but prioritizing these activities is the key. 

The best approach recommended by experts in the SEO Dubai industry is to prioritize ‘crawlability’ factors first which include robots.txt, XML sitemaps, broken links etc. Low-value links should also be removed and can be given second priority. The third priority can be given to UX once the first two are taken care of.

2. Content development

Content still is the most influencing factor when it comes to organic search visibility. It takes a lot of investment to develop the right type of content and links that boost visibility. Priority should be given to create content with the biggest impact on the business’ search engine visibility. Extensive keyword research can help the marketing team determine which type of content can include high-value keywords and how that content can address what people are searching for.

Another strategy is to repurpose already existing content assets. Pages with already indexed content can be repurposed to match the intent of high-value keyword terms identified in the keyword research phase. 

3. Link building

Link building should be prioritized simply because it demands a significant investment in time and effort. Link building is also perhaps the most challenging approach to increasing search engine visibility organically. Acquiring high equity links effectively requires manual outreach and is resource-intensive. This is why link building should be prioritize with focus on identifying better link opportunities like niche specific directories, seeking links from real-world business contacts, high traffic free citations etc. 


Companies with an in-house SEO team often fail to understand the importance of prioritizing certain core areas in SEO. They generally think of a good plan and focus on executing it perfectly. For the best SEO benefits next year, prioritizing is key. Even if you are have outsourced SEO of your business to an agency providing integrated digital marketing solutions, you should still make sure that the strategy is centered on priorities.