Why is SEO Still Relevant in 2020 and Beyond
Why is SEO Still Relevant in 2020 and Beyond

Every now and then some new strategy or technology pops out and are touted to be the next big thing in business. It then becomes very difficult to understand what actually works for you and your business and what doesn’t. So it is of no wonder that traditional marketing techniques like search engine optimization has become obsolete.

The truth is that SEO service for the Dubai market is still very relevant in 2020, though the approach to their application have changed over the years. For instance, Google BERT update in 2019 shifted the landscape of SEO with focus more on to content optimization based on search intent rather keyword.  

Customer Acquisition for Local Businesses

SEO is still one of the most sought after method for customer acquisition for local businesses. Using local SEO, you can reach out to prospective clients by focusing on users that use search for your local area. As Google customizes the search results to your geographic location, if your website is optimized accurately, your website can dominate local search results falling under your niche.

For this optimize your website with locally relevant keywords, utilize the services of Google My Business profile and other directory profiles, request positive reviews from past clients and conduct a backlink outreach to improve your visibility on local search results. 

Content Optimized for Search Intent

Google’s understanding of the users search context and intent behind it has evolved over the years. Google’s BERT algorithm update in 2019 was evidence to it. This implies that websites that publish content matching the users need will automatically gain higher rankings. So the key to getting higher rankings with your search engine marketing Dubai is to focus on search intent rather than stuffing keywords in your content.  

Embracing the Multichannel Approach

The digital marketing realm is broadening with multiple avenues opening up and disappearing overnight. Hence focusing solely on one channel to drive sales will put to your business at risk if that channel turns obsolete.

So the safest route is to embrace a multi-channel approach, you can continue leveraging your existing marketing channel but also seeking out others to open up a consistent stream of new leads. You can easily outsource SEO and other marketing activities to an SEO company in Dubai.

Boosting Brand Authority and Reach

Surveys point out that many netizens are averse to traditional marketing tactics like cold calling, email spam and even paid ads. With SEO, businesses can reach out to this demography without being intrusive. Additionally, you can expand the brand outreach by targeting long-tail keywords that draw highly-targeted traffic. Using descriptive keywords that bring in a wider audience also can be beneficial.