How SEOs Can Improve Their Client Retention
How SEOs Can Improve Their Client Retention

There are many capable experts and agencies offering investment-worthy search engine optimization in Dubai. Not all of them find reporting the SEO results to be easy however. Reporting takes a lot of time and effort. Yet the sad truth is that many clients generally don’t go over the entire report. But despite all that neglect, SEO reports still can be a powerful asset that can improve client retention.


Simply because reports are meant to communicate the value of the SEO activity or campaign that’s been done. Every leading SEO consultant in Dubai recommends creating relevant yet engaging SEO reports to inform clients of every important thing they should be aware of while also aiding in retaining them. 

Here are 5 tips to keep in mind while creating such reports. 

Take the client’s main objectives into account

There is no point in highlighting metrics that are unimportant to the client in the SEO report. It’s likely that the clients will lose interest if they spot something irrelevant or uninteresting while going over the report. To avoid such scenarios, it’s important to take the client’s objectives into account. Obviously, the SEO plan would be designed to meet those objectives, and hence the report should only include the metrics that best measure the performance of the SEO plan. 

Set goals

Imagine a scenario where the report indicates a result of 1000 organic visits to the client’s website thanks to your SEO efforts. The client may ask why the traffic stopped there and didn’t go as high as 2000. It would be an awkward situation indeed, and many optimizers have been there. This is why setting goals is important. Before executing a carefully devised SEO plan, it’s important to set a goal agreed upon by the client. This way, the report can objectively say whether it has hit or missed the set target. 

Avoid jargons

When it comes to SEO reports, the general rule of thumb is to not use jargons. Many SEOs do that simply to convince the client that they are doing something of value by including a lot of technical jargons in the report that the client may have no clue about. The report should not be confusing or ambiguous at all. Many leading experts suggest adding a glossary of SEO terms to explain potentially confusing terms in the report. Layman’s terms is the way to go. 

Use appealing visualizations wisely

If the report is full of pie-charts and graphs, the clients would certainly find it pretty. But would they find it useful? Most likely not. A reputed company in Dubai offering integrated digital marketing solutions recommends using data visualization wisely in their reports – enough to transform their data into ‘stories’ that convey the value to the clients.

Provide insights too

A report isn’t all about displaying all the metrics involved and the end-result of the SEO campaign. It should explain how the campaign has contributed to the client’s goals, what the client can do to get even better results, and even explaining how certain numbers matter more than the rest.