3 Things to Look Into When Organic Traffic Suddenly Goes Down
3 Things to Look Into When Organic Traffic Suddenly Goes Down

Every leading SEO Consultant Dubai are often asked for tips to increasing organic traffic effectively. Not all businesses are prepared to go the paid Ads approach right from the get-go. Boosted organic traffic isn’t easy to achieve, and takes a great amount of dedication and patience. 

Organic traffic may drop occasionally owing to various reasons including Google’s algorithm change. The sense of uncertainty that follows a drop in organic traffic is what deters many companies in relying on organic SEO. However, organic SEO is still the most demanded service in the Search Engine Marketing Dubai sector. 

A drop in traffic indeed impacts the business’ search engine rankings and conversions. If organic traffic goes down, SEOs can look into a few of the following things. 

Search Console

The Google Search Console tells an SEO of almost everything that goes on with the website’s organic traffic, which makes it a great place to start when seeking that which made the traffic drop. It gives a lot of data including messages from Google, pages linked to the website both internally and externally, site errors, bot crawl rate, and even keyword searches. 

With this data, it’s possible to do a quick, basic diagnosis to identify indexing issues or to find when the drop started and whether it coincided with some other site changes. 

Tracking Code

Unreliable data often ends up causing the drop in traffic, and one common area where this can occur is in the website’s tracking code. Changes in the website’s code and the addition of plug-ins (typically analytics plug-ins) can mess up the tracking code resulting in issues in analytics reporting (unreliable data). 

This is why it’s important to double-check tracking code, and that it’s installed properly. If you notice anything odd, refer Google Analytics Help page to get troubleshooting tips that’d most likely solve the issue for you in no time. 

Content Quality

If the website’s content lacks quality, it’s like welcoming a decline in organic traffic. For effective SEO, high-quality and relevant content is the most important. A previous Google Algorithm update named Panda emphasized the importance of how Google values high quality content on websites. The search engine giant penalized websites with low-quality content. This could be one of the reasons why organic traffic drops in a website. 

Go for long-form content with relevant information, use optimized high quality images in your content to make them engaging, address readers’ painpoints with educational information, minimize ads and popups, and ensure that the user doesn’t need to click a lot to find what they are looking for in the website. This would result in the search engine acknowledging the website’s efforts, and rewarding it with better search engine ranks. 

If the business cannot invest time in managing their search engine optimization efforts, it’d be wise to seek assistance from a reputed company providing reliable SEO services.