Essential Tips to Perform an SEO Audit for Beginners
Essential Tips to Perform an SEO Audit for Beginners

For a business to perform in the digital realm, SEO is pivotal. Many companies go for the whole deal by opting for an integrated digital marketing solutions package from an agency which would cover everything from search engine optimization to social media marketing and paid ads. When you’ve just started a business online, what your website needs the most is SEO. It’s better to focus on SEO first before deep diving into the many ways of marketing a business online. 

SEO beginners would be well aware of the importance of technical SEO. It’s the foundation of search engine optimization, and is where an optimizer should begin. To understand how ready a website is for SEO, a technical SEO audit needs to be done. When going for a marketing agency, make sure to approach a trust SEO company in Dubai to perform the SEO audit. 

If you want to do it yourself, here are 3 important tips to keep in mind. 

Do some initial testing

Identifying potential technical SEO issues is not easy as it sounds. A website would be accessed by people in many ways i.e. via many different devices and browsers. Ideally, as a search engine optimizer, you will need to make sure that visitors get a great experience regardless of which device or browser they are using. This is why you should do a few tests. 

View and navigate your website in various browsers including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Safari. Try disabling JavaScript and check again how the website performs. Another important test is to see how the website performs in mobile devices. As a thumb rule, make sure the website isn’t taking too long to load in mobile devices. Experts recommend using HTML5 instead of Flash to make websites more mobile-friendly.

Crawl bots

Use crawl bots to understand how search engine spiders would be indexing your website. Experts recommend using tools like Screaming Frog. Make sure the crawl bots are set to crawl sub-domains. One other thing to notice is that if your website uses HTTPS, make sure that no HTTP resources turn up during the crawl. Go through the crawl results to see if there are any error codes other than 200, especially 404 error. 404s are trouble. 

Submit XML Sitemaps

An XML sitemap is an important file that presents the entire structure of the website. The sitemap makes it easier for search engine crawlers to crawl the website, as it indicates which pages are important, how frequently they are updated, and those pages that have not been indexed yet. Upload the sitemap to Google Search Console so that Googlebots can understand the structure of your website. 


Those who can’t afford to spend time and patiently resolve every SEO obstacle in the website can seek services from a trusted firm specializing in online marketing in UAE. These are just the most important things to keep in mind to do a decent SEO audit of a website. There are many other factors that need to be taken into account for a complete audit. Nevertheless this article should give a great start for SEO beginners.