Top SEO and SEM Tools Every Business Should Know For Competitor Analysis
Top SEO and SEM Tools Every Business Should Know For Competitor Analysis

Staying ahead of the competition can be a big deal, especially when you are confused on where to start or the effective keywords to use in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) plan in Dubai. One way that you can take advantage on the competition is by using different SEO and SEM tools to analyse the keywords and phrases that your competitors are employing.

Based on the tool you use, you can even understand how much traffic your competitors are getting to their site or how much they are spending per click for their SEM campaigns. These tools can enable you to track your performance and measure it against your competitors for your advantage and visibility.

Open Site Explorer

This is one of the most favoured tools to use for competitor analysis. Open Site Explorer helps you to research backlinks, discover link building opportunities and identify potentially damaging links. This tool is mainly used for competitive analysis to discover link building opportunities that competitors are capitalizing on, or to even compare metrics of my website with that of my competitors by analyzing their SERP ranking in Google and their top-performing pages.

Open Site Explorer is a free tool. For more detailed analytical and unrestricted access to link opportunities a monthly subscription is available.


This the next effective tool used for competitive analysis. The amount of reports that can be accessed for free is limited but the paid services is worth the buck. This tool helps you to see how much your competitors are paying per click and the amount they have budgeted for their AdWords campaign in general. You can effectively discover the words that they are targeting and restrategise around these new opportunities. Another benefit of this tool i.e that it allows to see what organic keywords your competitors’ organic SEO campaigns are targeting.


SEMrush is a paid tool offering an array of services. In short it is a complete SEM tool. It offers insights of both organic search and paid search analysis of almost any competitor domain that you want. Also tool offers a keyword research compilation, site audit and back analysis reports. It helps you to create a tailored SEO-friendly content that analyzes your competitors while offering you brand new ideas to rework your content.

Regarding competitor analyses and campaign strategizing all the above tools will help you stay ahead of the competition. What requires is careful research and planning, and soon you can roll out the best content that will pull in potential customers and help you top the competition. Make sure to find the right SEO consultant in Dubai for the best results. They can effectively handle your requirements in SEO services in Dubai.