3 Trends That Aren’t SEO Friendly
3 Trends That Aren’t SEO Friendly

From what’s evident from the search engine optimization Dubai sector, SEO-friendly trends really do make a good impact in search engine rankings. However, the rumors about SEO dying have been gaining traction lately. Posts keep coming out claiming that SEO is already dead, and some of them are worth reading. Either way, SEO is all about strategizing in advance. 

So, considering a worst case scenario, SEOs need to look at the ways that might eventually ‘kill’ the industry so they can prepare for it just in case. Here are 3 trends that aren’t SEO friendly and can potentially be the cause of SEO’s demise in the future.

New ads

Google is obsessed with providing the best experience to users. And that’s why they are continually experimenting with new, more beneficial ad formats rather than focus more on organic results. While the ads keep getting better, the potential for organic traffic is dwindling. Even with good SEO, sites may find it very hard to compete with newer and better ads that are also endorsed by Google. 

Tailored search experience

A simple Google search might end up giving hundreds of thousands of results. Sometimes you got to keep going through the first few results to get a clue as to where you can find what you are looking for. Many sites have already started providing tailored search experiences that give results to many specific queries of users. 

Wikipedia is a good example of a search engine that provides results to queries seeking information. Amazon and Yelp are similar too with search interfaces to address specific types of queries.

Add ‘voice search’ to the list, and you will notice that things have become a little complicated for search engine optimizers. That’s a kind of search query that’s personalized, and hence difficult to rank for organically.

Chatbots also come under this category, and might even be developed to the point that they facilitate conversational commerce flawlessly so users find information about a specific product or the product itself.

A Google algorithm update that can end it all

This is a long shot. We know Google keeps augmenting their algorithms to understand websites more. At some point, Google might get good enough to not need people to work on search engine optimization anymore. Google rewards websites because the websites satisfy users and their intents. Even if the website chooses to hide content, the search engine giant doesn’t care. 

A site without hreflang tags is also permitted. As long as the site satisfies user intent, Google will acknowledge it. However, all this behavior could be pointing to the fact that Google is in fact trying to make SEO obsolete. This may not be the case however, as the company did emphasize the importance of SEOs in helping their search engine understand the internet.