Web Hosting Issues That Are Anti-SEO
Web Hosting Issues That Are Anti-SEO

Today, webmasters don’t need to know every tiny detail about hosting their website. But it still doesn’t change the fact that a proper hosting is crucial to your website’s visibility in search engines and its eventual success. Web hosting Dubai presents you with quite a lot of good offers from hosting providers. However, some of them may not be as good as they sound. 

You may overlook some details of the offer. Hosting issues in an improper web host may negatively affect your search engine rankings and might make your SEO efforts pointless. 

Here are a few such anti-SEO hosting issues.

Slow Site Speed

Website loading speed is a crucial factor for good search engine ranking. Lots of multimedia files, redundant scripts and even social media elements may slow down your website. Keep visitors waiting for too long just to view the website, and Google and other search engines will start noticing it. Your website rank will go down. 

Frequent Downtime

Downtime once in a while is something you can’t complain about. It can happen with most hosting providers. But frequent downtime means doom for your website. A few days of downtime will make Google remove your website from its index. 

Even if you manage to fix everything and get indexed again, you won’t get your old website rank again and will have to start from scratch. Your website may also get flagged as an unreliable resource. Use tools like Uptime Robot to track the uptime and downtime of your website. 

Database Connection Issues

You may have seen ‘internal server error’ when you try to visit some websites. There can be many reasons for this. However, for a Wordpress website, this could simply mean that database is inaccessible. When there are too many users surfing a single website, the sheer traffic can crash the website altogether. This depends on your web hosting service provider and the type of business you are doing.

A host offering dedicated servers with higher bandwidth and storage capacity can fix this issue to some extent. 

Bad Neighbor Effect in Shared Hosting

This is a problem that can occur when you are using a shared hosting service. The other sites you share the server with might take up a lot of resources, consequently giving your website only a limited share of the resources. This could lead to slow loading websites or downtime depending on the traffic you get. 

In other cases, if your neighbors are spamming websites, it could harm your website as well. That’s risk your SEO efforts cannot afford. It’s recommended to check with the hosting provider to know the other sites you are sharing the server with.

Wrong Top-level Domain

Generally, having a .com address is considered to be the norm. However, at present most short and appealing .com names have already been taken. This lead to an increase in demand for .co domains. However, users generally assume that a company will have .com domain or a top-level domain of their country. Therefore they just search it with a .com domain or the latter, instead of .co.

This could lead to losing a lot of potential traffic from users who trust your brand. The users may end up in similar looking malicious sites assuming it to be yours. Although this isn’t directly a hosting issue, it can affect your SEO negatively. You can use the .co domain as a redirect to your .com domain or vice versa, just to be safe.