3 Black Hat SEO Tactics You Wouldn’t Want Your SEO Company to Use
3 Black Hat SEO Tactics You Wouldn’t Want Your SEO Company to Use

You need to be aware of quite a lot of things when you are about to hire an SEO Company for your online business. And obviously, you will have a few questions when they explain their services to you and what they do for your business. The main question should be ‘how ethical are you?’ Any genuine SEO Company in Dubai will give you details on the ethical SEO strategies they use.

SEO is a long-term process. If a company makes you think otherwise or tries to convince you that you will get the benefits immediately, you may have to scratch it off your list. There are good and bad SEO strategies but SEO consultants normally don’t go into much detail.

Making sure that the SEO partner you are planning to hire isn’t using any black hat SEO techniques will save your business a lot of trouble. Here are a few tactics you can expect from SEO companies who will only harm your business. 

Article Spinning – This is a simple tactic, black hat of course, that uses software to rewrite an existing article usually by replacing words with synonyms and interchanging sentences. It’s also done manually. The spun articles will be of considerably lesser quality than the original article, and may not make sense at all.

These articles are used to spam search results and raise the link graph. This can get your website penalized.

Top Ranks Guaranteed – You can find SEO companies that claim to do performance-based SEO to guarantee top rankings. Most of them will not want you to pay until they do. This might sound like a good deal but it isn’t. 

These companies normally promise good search engine rank boosts by using search terms that have little to no value when it comes to driving traffic and conversions to your website. They may also use spam tactics for a short-term rank boost. 

You will soon notice the ranks going down, and worst case scenario – get penalized. By that time, they would have received their payment. When you demand to know what went wrong, they’d just excuse themselves saying ‘search engine algorithms change periodically’, and offer their services again. Save yourself some trouble.

No website audits necessary – Certain companies might suggest not auditing your website by spending valuable resources and time on it, in order to impress you. This is a bad idea. Your website should be compatible with your SEO strategy i.e. it should be designed with a key focus on SEO. You will need your keywords present in meta tags, title tags etc. 

Without a website audit, you wouldn’t be able to diagnose the problems with your website and address them for the SEO to be effective. 

To conclude, search engines like Google doesn’t like it when businesses try to manipulate search engine results to deceive users into visiting their websites. Even if you are promised that Google wouldn’t notice, you’d better not take the risk considering Google’s large team of the smartest engineers from around the world. White hat search engine optimization techniques may not give you quick results but they will prove beneficial in the long run, and are worth the investment.