3 Major SEO Mistakes Even Experts Make
3 Major SEO Mistakes Even Experts Make

Digital marketing isn’t a walk in the park as many tend to believe. SEO is arguably the easiest phase of digital marketing anyway, right? Wrong. 

If you think writing content stuffed with targeted keywords, and using those same keywords liberally across all your webpages would make your website more visible to search engines, you couldn’t be more wrong. This is one long-practiced SEO tactic, but this is still not the core of SEO. Search engine optimization UAE has evolved from leveraging keyword-optimized (or stuffed) content to boost search engine visibility. Now there are better SEO practices.

However, even experts in the industry make mistakes while doing SEO. Sometimes, this is because we neglect what learned in the beginning. Sticking to what we learned in the SEO basics could make all the difference today when search engine algorithms keep evolving rapidly in ridiculous ways. New strategies made out of old SEO basics are in order. For this, it’d be good to know about the major mistakes that even expert SEOs make.

Neglecting link-worthy content

The quantity and quality of unique referring domains is a major Google ranking factor, which makes link building that much important for any SEO strategy. However, procuring links is quite challenging though there are many ways to do this. Influencer marketing and guest-posting to acquire links takes a lot of time and resources. The best approach here has always been posting valuable, high-quality content that people want to link to. 

Instead of putting days or even months to create hundreds of guest posts that may or may not acquire links, it’s better to invest in a single appealing content that can acquire so many links in a day. 

Not reaching the customers with the content

No matter how good the content you’ve prepared is, it is worthless till the right people see it. A reliable agency specializing in online marketing Dubai should be able to successfully get your content to reach the right audience. But in many cases, you can do it yourself if you are willing to invest in content promotion the same resources you invested in the production of the content. 

Posting on your social media channels and sending the content as email newsletters would only get a small percentage of people to actually engage with the content. If you use promotional tactics including influencer marketing, paid social campaigns, keyword optimized hashtags etc., acquiring new leads would be considerably easier. 

Neglecting local SEO

When you approach a good SEO consultant Dubai, one of the first things they are going to ask you is whether you have personalized your Google My Business page. Ever since the Pigeon update redefined local SEO, many SEO experts have been emphasizing the importance of customizing My Business page and earning good local reviews.

Local SEO is highly converting evident from the following stats. 

  • 50% of mobile searches result in an in-store visit within 24 hours.
  • Almost 50% of mobile searches seek local business information.
  • 85% of mobile users trust reviews. 

So it’s important to segment the researched keywords for your local and national SEO efforts. The content and its body should reflect the intent be it national or local. Local SEO is often neglected by businesses that expect a rapid growth, which is certainly one major mistake that even experts make.


SEO is diverse enough to present plenty of challenges for an unprepared SEO. Even prepared optimizers can make mistakes that end up doing more harm than they would expect. To be successful in SEO efforts, it’s important to learn from the mistakes that even experts make, so you won’t do the same when doing SEO for your business.