3 Neglected Reasons Why Your Business Is Failing Online
3 Neglected Reasons Why Your Business Is Failing Online

In today’s world, if there is adequate internet traffic, there would be business opportunities. This led to the rapid growth of digital marketing industries including online marketing Dubai. Many businesses realized this years ago, which is why we have millions of online business websites. 

When social media networks became all the rage, businesses were presented with even bigger opportunities to reach their target audience much more effectively and to build their brands. The bridge between an online business and its customers is not narrow anymore. 

Also, digital interactions have been statistically proven to influence retail sales as well. In short, internet marketing can make a significant difference for brick-and-mortar and online businesses. Still quite a number of businesses seem to be failing in the digital realm, which most certainly has to do a lot with their marketing strategies. 

Here are 3 such reasons businesses tend to neglect that are in fact negatively impacting their growth online.

#1. Little investment in online visibility

Online visibility is a major success factor that many firms simply take for granted. Whenever conversations that are relevant to your business happens online, your business should be found which attributes to your business’ online visibility. This also applies to your business showing up top in search engine results when users search queries that are associated with what your brand offers. 

The SEO services Dubai industry mostly thrives on the demand for marketing services that boost online visibility. But SEO alone won’t cut it, especially considering the competition to rank high in Google’s search results. Online visibility can also be improved by getting listed web directories depending on the business niche and needs. A great social media presence also contributes significantly, which brings us to reason #2.

#2. Not leveraging social media effectively

Despite the competition, any business with a unique value proposition can stand out from the rest. However, it’s not always about good product or good service. The business should make sure that the right people see their offers and services. Since most people use social media networks on a daily basis, the business should leverage it too. 

When you regularly schedule posts or tweets on social media platforms with information about services or products that readers would find relevant, it’s bound to grow interest in your brand. Social media platforms also serve as a medium where businesses can build relationships with their potential customers. Being active on social media and incentivizing your brand’s supporters and followers can help your business grow popular and demanded.

#3. Not optimizing what is already working

Consider a scenario where a business finds Facebook more lucrative, while it’s not getting a lot of success with Twitter. Most businesses, in such a situation, would then focus more on Twitter to get things right in that channel as well. This may not always be a good idea. 

The key is to identify what is already working for the business and then optimize it to generate more profit, rather than driving all the resources to fixing a broken aspect. They can do that while they milk the marketing tactic that’s working. Many reputed marketers in the internet marketing Dubai sector recommends this strategy for businesses, especially SMBs. 


Ultimately, online marketing requires a business to invest in creating relevant content for various social media channels, structuring the website for SEO, leveraging social media platforms effectively, incentivizing customers, and building relationships. When done properly, businesses can easily scale up online and establish themselves as leaders in a competitive, dynamic market.