3 SEO Tactics That You Should Give Up On
3 SEO Tactics That You Should Give Up On

For every business to thrive online and grow with a website, there should be adequate search engine optimization. The ever-expanding search engine optimization Dubai industry has no lack of companies offering SEO strategies that come with the promise of changing things for the better for businesses online. 

The truth is that not all of these companies are keen on distinguishing between outdated and trending SEO tactics. They think old white hat tactics that worked for them can still do the magic today. On the contrary, it’s high time such tactics are replaced and retired. 

Here are 3 outdated SEO tactics according to experts in the Internet Marketing Dubai sector that beginners should simply not use. 

Keyword research using AdWords/Keyword Planner

Many search engine optimizers begin by starting their keyword research using AdWords/Keyword Planner. But AdWords only shows keywords that the tool deems commercially relevant. It tends to be inaccurate at times and lacks a few critical metrics including click-through rate percentage which is necessary for prioritizing keywords. It’s better to use clickstream data-driven tools like SEMrush, Keyword Explorer etc. 

Utilizing link building alone to move up in ranks

A couple of years ago, it was easier for businesses to rise up in search engine ranks by link building. A webpage in the third page of search engine results can make it all the way to the top 5 of the first SERP just by link building. But this won’t work anymore. 

Leading search engine marketing experts recommend adopting a number of techniques including UX optimization, content improvements, and brand association enhancements instead of link building alone to rise up in ranks. Links are still a great ranking factor. But link building alone doesn’t work anymore. The look & feel of the website and the quality of its content matter as well.

Subdomains and more for dominating SERPs

Many businesses, in order to take over the first page of Google search results for a main keyword, used to add a number of subdomains to their website and register even more domains. This way, only their business would be appearing in the first page of the results though with different domains. 

But now Google gives priority to many subpages in a single search result page from a single domain. This means only the most prioritized pages would appear from a single domain. There is likely to be a rival business with just as good SEO. So dominating the first page of the search results is just wishful thinking today.