4 Tips to Sell SEO Services to SMBs
4 Tips to Sell SEO Services to SMBs

For an SEO Company or a digital marketing professional, it’s never been easy to sell their services to small or medium-sized businesses. SEO Services in Dubai come in different packages depending on the scales of their clients’ businesses. However, they’ve had a tough time selling it to small-medium scale businesses.

This was what BrightLocal concluded after a survey.

Convincing SMBs to avail SEO services has become so challenging that even good sales pitches aren’t working. This is mostly because they get a lot of spam mails and phone calls from aggressive firms trying to convince them that they need SEO for their business.

Here are a few tips to make sure that your sales pitch reaches the potential client and help him understand what SEO can do for his business.

Listen and Understand - It’s not about speaking well in a sales pitch. It’s all about listening and understanding the client’s business and his state of mind. Keep in mind the fact that this client may have already been bombarded with many offers. So just speaking well won’t work in most cases.

Instead, introduce yourself politely and try to get them to talk about their business, goals, challenges and competitors, and understand their situation first. Then leverage these information to tailor your SEO services in a way that will prove beneficial to their business. Give them an idea of how your services affects their business, and the benefits in the long run.

Client-centric. Not service-centric - SEO is your domain. So you know how it works and what it can do for online businesses. It should be easy for you to educate them on the prospects. But you have to make sure that you are expressing everything client-centrically. 

Instead of a service-centric tone, you have to educate them on the best and worst practices of search engine optimization, the scope and the business benefits keeping their business as the focal point. They will most likely have a lot of queries. This is where you showcase how you can be of service as an SEO consultant. Clarify all their doubts and build a sense of trust in them.

Analyze competition - When it’s time for the first impression, make sure you are prepared. Tell the potential client exactly what they want to hear. You should do some research on the client’s business domain and the competition. Use online analysis tools for your research.

When you finally meet the client and the conversation starts, let them know about the progress of their competitors and where they’ve taken over. Tell them how certain services your SEO Company offers can strengthen client business and give the competition a good challenge. 

What you have done & What you can do – Both are important when you are trying to educate your client on the services you offer. However, the focus should be more on what you have done. What you have done includes your success stories, how your services helped your past clients’ businesses etc.

However, do not it make it sound like you are bragging. You should be conveying your expertise in SEO, not how good your SEO can be for the client.

These are just a few tips to keep in mind for an impactful sales pitch. It still won’t be easy to execute it properly. But keep practicing your tone and you should be able to convince them to hear you out. The rest will depend on your presentation. Be careful to include only valid points in the conversation.