4 Traffic-Killing Issues That SEO Beginners Should Prioritize
4 Traffic-Killing Issues That SEO Beginners Should Prioritize

SEO is a vast field with several aspects that demand equal attention for the best results. Any leading company in the search engine optimization Dubai industry would recommend starting an SEO project by focusing on technical SEO. Technical SEO is what makes a website ‘crawl-worthy’ and ‘indexable’ for search engines.  

Technical SEO is basically the foundation on which the complete SEO of a website hinges on. Without a good technical SEO foundation, the website would never be able to drive traffic the way it should. This is why technical SEO should be done carefully and any issue that pops up should be resolved promptly. 

That said, here are 4 such SEO issues that could potentially kill a website’s traffic.


SSL or Secure Sockets Layer is what websites use to secure traffic between web servers and browsers. If the URL of a website says ‘https’ instead of ‘http’, it’s considered ‘SSL secure’. That’s the norm nowadays. Online businesses are expected to have SSL implemented today both by users and search engines. Google even considers it while ranking a website. Implementing SSL is also one of the first things any SEO consultant in Dubai would recommend an online business seeking their services.

Duplicate content

Who knew duplicate content can kill website traffic?

Duplicate content obliterates organic search traffic, especially if the website is aiming to rank higher in Google’s search results. It’s considered a sign of plagiarism which Google hates so much. If the search engine’s algorithms determines a duplicate content in a website, it will penalize the website which impacts search engine rankings and subsequently reduces traffic to the website. 

Not mobile-friendly

More than half the global internet traffic is through mobile devices. Google has been trying to tell everyone this, and many websites have already transformed themselves to be mobile-friendly. Those websites that didn’t prioritize it ended up losing their search ranks because Google rewards mobile-friendliness now with better site score which in turn influences the site’s ranking…positively.

Major crawl-depth

Crawl-depth is basically the number of clicks it takes to get to a page or a blog post in the website. Too many clicks means it will be harder for Google to crawl and index the website, and for users to navigate. Google rewards websites that make things convenient for visitors. The fewer the clicks, the better the score. Visitors should be able to find what they are looking for without having to click a lot.

These issues can be avoided rather easily provided you have a reputed integrated digital marketing solutions expert to help your business with its online marketing.