Searching for An SEO Consultant? 5 Things to Know to Avoid Being Tricked.
Searching for An SEO Consultant? 5 Things to Know to Avoid Being Tricked.

It is quite common to hear that “If you want something done the right way, do it yourself!”

But doing everything yourself when you have a growing company in your hands cannot be the right way. Circumstances might arise where you must delegate your SEO task to an external company.

While searching for a Search Engine Optimisation company in Dubai, the internet is full of charming ones, but how would you know that you have chosen the right one.

Here are some relevant questions that will hopefully help you in finding the most suitable one.

#1. Is there a guarantee that our website would achieve the NO.1 ranking for an effective search term?

If the answer is a yes to this question, it is an unmistakable sign that you should avoid them. If an SEO freelancer or consultant in Dubai desperate to make a deal would typically say that they guarantee #1 ranking.

Although this is desired by every company, no one can give a cent percent guarantee that it will happen. This is because there any factors responsible for the ranking and is not the SEO company’s efforts alone.

# 2. Can you provide information about your previous clients or your work with them?

If the answer is vague or ambiguous, then it is a major red flag. Buying the service of an SEO company is equivalent to buying anything else. You need to check for ratings, testimonials, case studies and a list of their past clients.

Although privacy is understandable for any client, the majority would always want to brag about their success stories. So, ask for at least 2-3 of their high-profile clients.

# 3. What Sort of Information Do You Provide in Your SEO Audit?

This question is intended to help you realize the degree of openness offered by the SEO organization. If they are an experienced professional online marketing in Dubai, they would share details such as SEO Visibility, New Links and Lost Links, Keywords Tracked Improvements and Declines, On page analysis with all the intricacies (architecture, content, mobile, indexability).

Although the question does not generally be helpful in calling out the good and bad SEO, but it will convey the standards to be expected if you bring them on board. Having clear targets and objectives from the beginning would reduce the potential disappointments on both sides.

# 4. How Soon Can I Expect to See Results from This SEO Campaign?

This is an important but loaded question. While you might sound pleased to hear the response “in no time sir” or “a month or two max”, the reality would be that you should soon look for another business.

Instead, if the company offers you a progress schedule outlining where you will be in the next three month, six months, and so on, you can be assured that you will be working with a good company.

#5. What Link Building Strategies Will You Be Using?

Links are still a vital factor for Google rankings. And to be true, links are difficult to build. Especially high-quality links and hence it is important to keep this in mind while speaking to your SEO agency. 

If they refer to creating thousands of links in just two weeks, web directories, paying links, link schemes, or any other strategy which belong to the exhaustive list of black hat techniques.

Google has strict guidelines on linking schemes. So, to avoid penalty, you should be clear and precise when discussing the link-building strategy your prospective SEO agency would use when working on your website. 

Bear in mind that SEO is a long-term investment.

A good SEO will enable you to earn thousands of dollars every month, and on the other hand poor SEO will weaken any current search traffic you already have. It will take weeks or probably months before the effects, or lack thereof, to be obvious.


One of the chief reasons why many dubious SEO companies remain in operation is because their true intentions are not revealed until several months.