A Brief Guide to SEO for Small Businesses
A Brief Guide to SEO for Small Businesses

Of every facet of the Internet Marketing Dubai industry, probably the most important and most demanded one is search engine optimization. SEO requires a lot of effort, and typically doesn’t provide quick results. This makes smaller business hesitant when it comes to availing SEO services. Instead they take it up on themselves, even if they lack a dedicated team. 

SEO for small businesses

When it comes to SEO, a dedicated team is necessary. It doesn’t mean smaller businesses won’t be able to reap benefits from their SEO efforts however. They essentially want their websites to rank higher in search engine result pages for a few desirable keywords related to the products/services they provide. 

To achieve this, they need to work on various technical aspects of websites including HTML titles, HTML tags, image alt-texts, keywords, website structure etc. These factors help search engines figure out what the website is all about. In addition to technical factors, the business should also focus on content and content quality. Regularly posting fresh, relevant content boosts SEO rankings. 

For small businesses, using a domain with good domain authority and inbound links from other respected domains promises better ranks. 

In-house SEO or help from outside?

Taking note of these basics can help them drive a little presence in search engines. However, in the long run, these organic SEO tactics won’t be enough to keep them up in high search engine ranks. Almost every reputed SEO consultant Dubai would recommend adopting effective content strategies to consistently derive good SEO results. Along with great content, good social media signals also provides small businesses with a good online presence.  

However, doing all of these things require either an in-house team that includes content creators or external help. This is where SEO companies come into the picture. Even for small businesses, doing SEO can be quite challenging. If they don’t do it right themselves, they’d just be wasting a lot of resources for an outcome different from their expectations. The search engine optimization Dubai industry includes many SEO experts that offer noteworthy SEO packages that even small businesses can benefit from. 

Most of these companies know what they are doing, and can contribute greatly when it comes to giving a budding business a good boost in search engine results. They can tailor the right kind of content for the business, promoting keywords that matter. They can also suggest conversion rate optimization practices for the business’ website as well. 


Businesses can still do it themselves, but it takes a lot of effort. Considering the fact that search engine algorithms keep evolving to different standards, they’d have to make a choice at some point of time – to either keep doing it themselves or rely on better help from qualified SEO experts. Once the business improves, they would be able to eventually invest in an in-house team to maintain their SEO stability.