Why SEO is Invaluable for Reputation Management
Why SEO is Invaluable for Reputation Management

One of the worst things that can happen to a business online is damaging content appearing first in the search results when someone searches for the brand or its main keywords. Reputed firms in the search engine optimization Dubai sector often gets requests to repair a brand's damaged reputation with good SEO and marketing. Contrary to what many businesses think, search engine marketing or specifically SEO itself is invaluable when it comes to online reputation management. 

Social media profiles, positive articles, and favorable reviews would be overshadowed or may be even replaced by damaging content if the brand is not paying attention to its online reputation. Such negative content can impact the business' revenue in more than one way. 

  • It can deter potential customers who are looking for information to finalize a purchase.
  • It threatens existing business relationships and might deter potential partners who had thoughts of forming a partnership in the future. 
  • It can limit the funding a business can get from various sources. 
  • It can increase employee turnover and hiring expenses. 
  • It can wipe out shareholder value consequently leading to a fall of the company's stock price. 

Using SEO for recovery

A good recovery plan will have to utilize efficient digital marketing strategies and search engine optimization. In such cases, often a reputed SEO consultant in Dubai can get the business out of the mess and stabilize its online reputation. 

Search engines use topical relevance to identify connections between concepts. The search engines, hence, are likely to favor damaging content involving a number of recently published articles that connect the brand with a corporate crisis. 

To recover, experts suggest using paid content including sponsored posts and press releases that aim to restore the brand's tarnished reputation. This strategy worked for Starbucks. This strategy is labor-intensive, and also requires effort on reputation restoration via social media networks to succeed. The key is to find and promote the best online content and positive brand mentions from peers. 

Ultimately it all comes down to the search engine marketing and digital marketing strategies employed, and that requires a lot of expertise and knowledge in the field. Normally, when faced with such an issue, companies in the Middle East rely on either a good online reputation management firm or a company that specializes in internet marketing in Dubai. To avoid this scenario, a proactive approach to reputation management can be a wise choice which is what many businesses unfortunately neglect.