SEO Penalties: The 6 Black Hat SEO Techniques You Should be Wary of
SEO Penalties: The 6 Black Hat SEO Techniques You Should be Wary of

A Google penalty is the penalty indicted on a website’s search ranking based on search engine algorithmic updates. It can be due to an algorithmic update or an intentional penalization for black- hat techniques. Let’s look into the various black hat SEO techniques that anyone involved in Internet Marketing in Dubai should be wary of.

Keyword Stuffing

Keywords are very important for SEO and it is necessary to place them strategically in your content for improved SEO rankings. So why does keyword stuffing attract penalty?

Keyword stuffing is the practice of filling webpage content with keywords in an attempt to trick the Google search engine. Often these keywords appear out of context and don’t blend with the natural prose.

Stuffing content with keywords leaves a negative impression on the user which in turn can harm your site’s ranking. This strategy can backfire at some point. So essentially focus on putting out useful content with judiciously used keywords and in context.

Hidden Text and Links

Text in content can be hidden deceptively through various methods like using white text on a white background, locating text behind an image, using CSS to position text off-screen etc.

Duplicate Content

Duplicate content always makes less appealing to the users as well as Google search engine crawler. Having unique content well-crafted by any SEO companies in Dubai is always beneficial to your SEO. Moreover, it provides more reliable information to users as well as potential clients.

Tools like Copyscape can be helpful to check the contents originality as well as checking for plagiarism. It can also come in handy to discover if others are stealing your content.

Internal Broken Links, Internal 404s, and Error Codes

Linking other pages within your website is good to improve SEO and also to keep readers engaged and checking out for incredible information. If you have been updating your website with some incredible and fresh content, you might have some broken links or links that no longer exist because the content (and the link) has been updated.

So as updation of fresh content comes in and as links change it is essential to check for broken links and monitor updates so there are few broken links and few error codes.

Pages with Thin Content

Having a lot of pages on your website might make it look grand to your new readers. But if the information is never engaging and useful to the readers, Google might see this as manipulation of Google search engine, only posting content to attract visitors and no other value edition in mind.

Google search engines primary goal is to provide users with the most detailed and useful information in the easiest way possible. Hence it always opts for quality content to scale on its ranking.

To conclude Google penalties can end up in a fall of rankings for every page of a site, for a specific keyword or a specific page. Fall in rankings can bring a serious drop in website traffic. To check if a website has been penalized by Google, website owners or companies offering SEO services in Dubai can use webmaster tools as well as comparing the timing of the ranking drop with the known timing of Google updates.