Awesome SEO Tools Marketers Prefer to Use in 2019
Awesome SEO Tools Marketers Prefer to Use in 2019

Companies relying on the expertise of a leading SEO consultant in Dubai are generally unaware of the various SEO tools employed to keep their websites ranked high in search engines. From website audits and keyword research to backlinks analysis, testing, and content scheduling, tools can be of use to an optimizer on almost every step of the SEO journey. The right kind of tools can make a considerable difference to how SEO is performed on a website.

Each year, newer, more effective SEO tools pop up giving marketers more leverage when it comes to optimizing websites for search engines. There are many tools that serve the same purpose but differs in how that purpose is served. Ultimately, choosing the right tool comes down to the specifics of the task at hand. 

That said, we have made a short list of a few awesome SEO tools that are widely preferred by marketers specializing in search engine optimization in Dubai.

  • SEMrush - SEMrush is a hugely popular marketing suite that allows marketers to perform content evaluation, competitor assessment, backlinks analyses etc. It works seamlessly with popular platforms like Google Analytics and Google Search Console, allowing marketers to fine-tune keywords and create fresh, relevant content.
  • Ahrefs - Ahrefs is as popular as SEMrush when it comes to SEO and backlinks analysis. According to leading experts offering SEO services and online marketing in UAE, SEMrush is better when it comes to keyword research while Ahrefs is the better of the two at backlinks analysis.
  • Screaming Frog - The Screaming Frog SEO spider tool is designed to collect data, identify issues, and make recommendations for effective on-site SEO. An audit with Screaming Frog shows every vital technical detail of the site including meta information, canonicals, status codes, nofollow/noindex etc.
  • Sitebulb - Sitebulb is a great alternative to Screaming Frog albeit a bit underrated. Many experts use sitebulb to identify issues that are otherwise not easily noticeable. Additionally, it also gives an idea of how the site is being indexed.
  • Google Search Console - Any SEO tools list wouldn’t be complete without Google’s Search Console – a free tool for webmasters to see the traffic to their website, how the visitors found the website, what pages they visit the most, and whether they accessed the site via mobile or desktop.

Honorable mentions

  • SpyFu
  • Keyword Hero
  • LinkCheetah
  • WebPageTest
  • DeepCrawl