The Significance of Off-page SEO Tactics
The Significance of Off-page SEO Tactics

Ranking high in search engines can’t be achieved simply by adding to a site’s merits. It is not that easy. Experienced consultants in the search engine optimization Dubai industry opine that search engine ranks are also influenced by the website’s popularity. So basically, both on-page and off-page optimizations should be covered by the SEO strategy. 

Off-page SEO involves building links and growing the website’s reputation to demonstrate to both search engines and a potential visitor that many information seekers out there believe that the website in question and its content are useful and trusted enough to recommend.  

That said, here are a few off-page SEO techniques that should be part of your search engine marketing strategy

Fix broken links in your site and other sites

Fixing broken links in your website is of course important. But an off-page SEO tactic involves fixing broken links of other websites. This tactic requires a lot of patience. There are tools available online with which you can easily locate broken links on content including articles and blogs relevant to your business. 

Identify promising targets (influential websites with good traffic or following) and contact them to inform them of the broken links. You can also offer a substitute for the broken link (that goes to your own website) and they may return the favor. The tactic seems to work for SEOs who are patient enough to put in the effort. 

Transform mentions into links

Once your business rises in popularity or starts making a lot of conversions, you can expect influential sites and bloggers mentioning it. It’s worth looking out for such mentions in the internet and reaching out to those that mentioned your brand to turn those mentions into links towards your website. 

Build reputation with social media

Once the website is SEO-ready and before you execute your SEM strategy, build out business directory and social media profiles for your brand. You need to make sure that your website appears in directory searches and on social media platforms. Search engines also take the social media factor into account. Though it doesn’t directly influence ranking, the search engine algorithm would consider it for scoring the site’s usability and popularity. 

Find where your competitors are shining

It’s important to analyze your competitors’ progress when boosting the reputation of your own brand. One off-page SEO tactic is to identify where your competitors have links. Maybe you can build links there too. Your competitors may find their way beyond guest blogging platforms into industry roundups, directories etc. Once you determine a few good places to camp, you can start establishing your presence there and hopefully overshadow your competitors. 


Most SEO organizations in the internet marketing Dubai sector are often approached for on-page SEO. Many web owners still don’t realize the importance of off-page SEO instead focusing solely on improving their website. Hopefully the techniques mentioned in this article would end up convincing SEO beginners on the importance of off-page optimization and online brand reputation.