A Simple SEO Walkthrough for a New Business
A Simple SEO Walkthrough for a New Business

For many businesses that aren’t fully aware of the concepts of optimizing their websites for search engines, SEO can seem a very tiresome task that doesn’t deliver results all the time. Many SEO companies in Dubai often don’t reveal their SEO strategy for a business until that business hires them. This means that explaining the concepts of SEO and the results one can expect while answering questions from a non-SEO savvy client and while dodging SEO secrets can get quite awkward. 

But SEO is not that complicated to understand though. As a matter of fact, a new business in the Middle East can get themselves started on the right path to proper SEO. Once they note a significant business growth, they can either seek help from an expert specializing in search engine optimization Dubai or hire an in-house SEO team to handle their SEO activities. 

Here is a handy SEO walkthrough that could help small, new businesses establish an SEO foundation. Mind you that this is not a list of SEO tools but a list of tips and techniques that can help businesses take a good SEO first step. 

Non-technical on-page optimization - Optimizing a webpage for search engines requires some expertise. But a new business can still work some magic on the presentation side without getting too technical. The idea is to make webpages visually appealing to potential customers with just the right information. Too much information can also be a problem. 

The page should be a guide for visitors - giving them answers they seek while guiding them through the sales funnel. The images and video content used on the page should be optimized which can be done by the UI/UX team. The text content should mention one or two major keywords that a visitor might have searched for to finally get to your business’ website. There are many things that you can do here. But most of them require assistance from an SEO expert. Just follow the tips mentioned in this point to take the first step.

Launch social media pages - Though social media don’t directly impact SEO, having social media pages for your business can still complement your SEO efforts. So launch your business’ official pages on social media where you can attract potential followers and show them your website content like blogs and infographics. If you play your cards right, your website will have more traffic which will get the attention of Google’s algorithms. Use social media pages to make your website more visible on the internet which in turn helps boost your search engine ranks. 

Acquire links from reputed sites - This can be quite tedious but effective. You will need to be patient as well. Work on acquiring links to your website from already popular websites that are specifically associated with the products/services you offer. Getting a popular website to link to your own website can give you a significant SEO boost. This is actually a great strategy recommended by many experts in the internet marketing Dubai sector.  But it’s not easy. Not all popular websites are keen on linking other sites on their content. And the ones that do need some convincing.

End note

The tips mentioned in this article are only meant to give your new business an SEO foundation. With just these three points, your website can acquire more search engine visibility. But maintaining this visibility is a different story. That’s where you will need help from SEO specialists.