Things to Consider Before Outsourcing Your SEO
Things to Consider Before Outsourcing Your SEO

SEO is crucial for any business operating within the digital realm. It is complex, requires investment in both time and patience, not to mention the money. Choosing the right approach for SEO is very complex. It can be very similar to investing.

The alternatives are do nothing or take control and do it yourself or else you can hire a professional to do it for you.

If you are smart enough you would choose either of the last two options. Doing SEO tasks can be a difficult task, so many people tend to outsource it. There can be many reasons on why you might want to outsource search engine optimization operations in UAE.

  1. Expertise
  2. It can bring in a totally new and outside perspective
  3. Hiring and training a new employee
  4. Current SEO practices

Before zeroing in on outsourcing SEO, there are a few quick pointers.

What is the cost for outsourcing?

SEO when done in the right way never comes cheap. We are dealing here with white hat SEO techniques only and not the black hat SEO techniques. If you can easily shell out a couple of thousand dollars for good SEO services, go ahead! But for others it is a difficult question to answer.

So what exactly does it cost to do in house SEO services?  That is, the required man- hours for the existing team to do SEO related tasks. Will the team need any additional training? 

If your team is a band of savvy smart people, it would be good to keep your SEO efforts in- house. Especially if you’re SEO requirements are below score. 

However, remember SEO is a marathon and not a sprint.  It requires persistent efforts, consistent content creation for long term results. 

Ask yourself if your team can afford to divert their attention away from their current goals and responsibilities or else you can recruit a new member to your team for solely executing SEO tasks.

Strategic Significance

When thinking about outsourcing SEO, you should weigh in how much of your marketing strategy is SEO dependent. You should take time to ponder over the following questions

  1. Will I have to start a brand new SEO from scratch?
  2. Does the current SEO efforts show enough results to make you confident enough to invest more?
  3. Are you short on resources to scale up your SEO program?

If you are just starting out with SEO, there are couple of things to do before choosing in-house or outsourced SEO services like learning about SEO best practices, having a clear picture of your SEO needs.

Probably after coming to a clear understanding of SEO, you know exactly what needs to be done. In which case, you have a clear picture about how to execute your SEO strategy.

Brand Value

The next key aspect is will your initiatives be executed with your brand value and vision in mind. If you outsource your SEO efforts, a person totally new to your business and your goals will be in charge of your keyword strategy.

And if you are planning to outsource your SEO services completely and comprehensively, that individual will also be tasked with generating content relevant to your customer and what symbolise your brand.

When you outsource your SEO tasks, ensure that the individual or the company you entrust should have an in depth knowledge about your business and the ideals your brand stands for. This will take up several hours of discussions and constant collaboration.  

Hence when you ponder over “Should I outsource my SEO tasks”, you should also consider the time required for the SEO Company in Dubai to fully understand your business and if they are willing to learn and invest time and effort.


Take into account on which areas you need help with? Do you want to totally outsource your SEO or part of it?  If you require only partial help the cost effective solution would be to find an innovative solution on your own or you could hire a freelancer rather than a full-fledged SEO service company. 

SEO is not difficult but complex. It is important to do it right. So while zeroing in how to approach SEO ponder over your needs, business goals and your resources. This will enable you to decide if you need to invest in an external SEO service by an online marketing company in Dubai or keep it in-house amongst your team.