Three Anchors of SEO Success
Three Anchors of SEO Success

Whether you are in charge of marketing at your own company or an experienced marketing manager, there is little doubt that you want the maximum ROI while keeping marketing cost to the minimum. Fortunately, search engine optimization in Dubai (SEO) can help optimize your inbound marketing strategy without having to expand your marketing and sales team. 

For several years, no well-developed content strategy has neglected the significance of SEO in their content marketing plan. With the evolution of SEO and digital marketing, it is not enough to drop keywords on the content and cross hands to see that your page will rank high up the list.

Keywords have lost prominence as Google’s algorithms continues to become more aligned to what the users are searching. On the other hand, SEO is anchored on three factors: discovery, relevance, and authority. Hence make sure that your website focuses on these three factors, and you will have an internet marketing strategy in UAE that will pull up your SERP rankings.

Fire up Discovery

To have your website be discovered by potential clients on Google classic SEO tactics such as collecting backlinks from trusted websites and utilizing a powerful keyword strategy should be used. The two sides about SEO is that except when you are pushing for a really specific keyword it takes some time and some serious effort to rank #1. So develop a website that serves your potential clients best interests instead of trying to push a product or service on their face.

Stay Relevant Online

Finding relevance on SERPs occurs happen organically through increase in traffic to your website. Apart from garnering backlinks and developing a superior keyword strategy to your rivals, developing an easy to use website which keeps traffic coming into and remaining on your site. 

User friendliness is more than aesthetics. It is where the user’s objectives meet with yours and the users know exactly what to do next. Generally, web masters bring together the best images, content and videos but fail to organize them in a way where the user find it appealing.

Design a homepage that throws the spotlight over the key elements offered by your organization with evident call to action that will direct them where you want them to go. When associated with the above SEO strategies, high traffic establish that your website is trustworthy, which leads us to the third anchor of an effective SEO content marketing strategy.          

Be the Authoritative Voice in Your Industry

Often, being relevant and being authoritative go hand in hand. Although it is possible to be relevant with sub-par content, only businesses with high-quality, usable content can find themselves up on the SERPs.

Authority not only offers you with more visibility via search engines, but it can propel you as a thought leader in your industry, signing yourself up for numerous backlinks and citations from blogs, articles and industry related content. 

This is final goal i.e to own a website loaded with relevant content that visitors are sharing. Authentic and original images with alt tags and social share buttons. A comment section where visitors are free to leave their opinions. All these gets picked up by search engines thus propelling you as an industry leader among online marketers in Dubai.