How to Use Content to Grow Sales: A Definitive Guide
How to Use Content to Grow Sales: A Definitive Guide

When it comes to creating a good online marketing strategy in UAE, you would often come across the saying that content is king. The saying does ring true when everyone is vying to get attention online. But the downside is that to figure out how exactly we can translate these content marketing efforts into solid results. One of the major troubles we face while marketing content is that there are a lot of free content vying for people’s attention and it is hard to find a niche space for yourself. 

Tip 1: Find the right content 

Content can be of any form. It need not be restricted to text and images alone. Anything that can grab peoples is content. Podcasting, videos, live streaming, images, how-to guides etc. can be leveraged to drive traffic to your website. But while planning for the content three things should always be kept in mind 

  1. What is the idea?
  2. In which format will the idea be better conveyed
  3. In which format do your audience want to consume content
  4. How much time and money are you willing to invest on it.

The underlying thing would be to choose something that you can do at your best, consistently and enjoy doing.

Tip 2:  Every Content has a Time to Grow 

Many SEO experts in Dubai say that you should give a time of six months to one year to see the fruits of your efforts. Hence it is even more important to pick something that you would love doing because it would be hard to keep up the motivation strong for a year.    

There are also two cardinal rules that you should keep up with i.e. One two obsessively improve on the quality of the content two turning your audience into something that you can collaborate with. Useful quality content builds trust but the difficulty lies in the fact that, at one point in time you need to sell something.

Tip 3: Build and Use Your Mailing List

A simple way to get people’s email list is to just ask them. You would be surprised to know how a small change in your sign up and their placement made a huge difference. Another way of asking is to offer some content for free that might be useful like an e-book, a whitepaper, or a study- and offer it for free, in exchange for an email address.  

If you want to leverage your online content to drive inbound traffic, you can use them to offer a special discount, or announcing a special event or even offer a free trial. 

Content marketing is often an immensely popular strategy used in search engine optimization in the Dubai region. Engaging, useful content will always capture audience attention.