Why an SEO Company Might Suggest a Website Redesign
Why an SEO Company Might Suggest a Website Redesign

It's not easy to hire a capable SEO Company. But when you do manage to hire a company that fits your own business’ culture perfectly, you might think you only need to let them do the rest. 

Various companies follow unique SEO strategies that may or may not depend on the geographical locations of their clients. For instance, an SEO services company in Dubai may focus more on Social media marketing and keyword optimization primarily.

However, every good SEO company will begin their work by auditing their clients’ websites. You may be wondering why. If you have an idea that search engine optimization is mostly about optimizing keywords and building links to drive traffic, new search engine algorithms (especially Google's) might disagree with you.

Anything that has an effect on potential links can be considered as a part of SEO. Practicing SEO is when everything including people and technology contribute to the rise in search engine ranks. So we can say conversion rate optimization, social media, branding and advertising, public relations etc. are all part of the SEO phenomena.

This means your website design and the experience of a visitor browsing that website are critical factors for an SEO campaign. So when an SEO company audits your website and recommends you to redesign it completely, don’t be shocked.

Good enough isn’t good enough 

Studies have found that users judge a website they are watching in a few milliseconds. If, at first glance, your website doesn’t look appealing or user-friendly, it will deter those users from visiting again or worse, if it impacts the trust they have for your business. 

So a good enough website will not do. 

The overall design should be changed if it has to so that visitors will have a great experience. The website should also be mobile-friendly because people now mostly use handheld devices to check businesses and websites.

You recently redesigned it?

Are you having second thoughts about redesigning your website again after you’ve only redesigned it recently? You may have no other choice if you want more traffic, and, in turn, more conversion for your business. If the design wasn’t tailored for a search engine optimization strategy, but only for making it more visually appealing, you are not on the right track.

Make sure the design focuses on SEO potential if you are planning to hire an SEO professional or a website designer to redesign your website. This can save you time and money, not to mention headaches.