4 Major LinkedIn Updates Every Social Media Marketer Should Know About
4 Major LinkedIn Updates Every Social Media Marketer Should Know About

LinkedIn, the largest professional network on the internet, keeps constantly updating its features which can be beneficial both to professionals and social media marketers, particularly B2B marketers. Though the primary focus of the social media marketing Dubai industry is Facebook even for B2B connections, this culture would be shifting very soon. 

Evidently, LinkedIn’s recent updates show the platform’s willingness to embrace the latest online marketing trends so as to transform itself into a better content-based platform. Thanks to the new functionalities of LinkedIn, businesses will have more control over the content and better personalization capabilities. That said, let’s take a look at 4 great updates that could help marketers achieve their goals in LinkedIn.

Multi-photo posts

Users can now select multiple photos for a single post. With more images to choose from for a single post, the content can be more personalized now. The right images will drive more engagement, with the content being more appealing to viewers. 

Post videos natively through LinkedIn app

Back in the days, a LinkedIn user had to switch to the camera roll or other sources to post videos on LinkedIn. Now, the LinkedIn app allows users to record and post videos from within the app itself, presenting an easier method to share professional or personal perspectives. Uploading videos to LinkedIn is not a hassle anymore. 

In addition to recording and posting videos with the app, the user can also share previous recordings without having to navigate to a different source. This can be effective during time-sensitive situations. 

Content sharing beyond LinkedIn

Ever wonder why many companies in the SEO Dubai sector also offer social media marketing services? They both go hand in hand. The objective of both is maximum exposure. When it’s social media, more viewership means more exposure. 

For LinkedIn users, each content share only reaches a user’s connections or followers. Paid advertising can boost the reach. This new feature can expand organic reach however where even guests and logged-out users would see posts, videos, and articles on the platform. The highlight is that the content can reach people who aren’t even LinkedIn members. 

Enable/Disable comments

This new feature gives users more control over comments. Irrelevant comments on posts that are actually generating engagement can be quite frustrating for marketers. This new feature is the result of LinkedIn’s efforts to provide and sustain a professional environment that encourages people to share their thoughts in a civil manner. 

The feature to enable or disable comments on posts can be useful for marketers who manage content daily. It can essentially prevent viewers from seeing a comment that drives them away from the intent of the post’s content. 


LinkedIn’s recently added features ensures a professional environment where businesses can manage and post their content better, and drive engagement without much hassle. Social media marketing in Dubai can be quite challenging as it requires deep knowledge about the users’ pulse and changing trends. 

Not every SEO company Dubai can offer reliable social media marketing services. But if you can get a great SEO service and social media marketing service on a single package, it could be the answer to building your brand online effectively.