5 Social Media Tips To Create a Strong Online Presence
5 Social Media Tips To Create a Strong Online Presence

For a business to have a strong online presence, good SEO is not the only option. Social media marketing is just as effective. There are many SEO companies in Dubai that also offer social media marketing services that complement their SEO package. The two marketing approaches go hand in hand to build a great online persona for a business – be it a big company or a newly launched startup, online in today’s age. 

According to the experts in the social media marketing Dubai sector, the key to leveraging social media to enhance brand visibility is to first have clear goals and objectives. With that kind of a checklist, social media channels can effectively help a business reach their target audience in the best way without big marketing costs, thus creating a strong online presence for the business. 

That said, here are five social media tips that can enhance your marketing strategy and help you build a strong online presence.

  1. Multimedia-based content: A video or an appealing image is more likely to catch the attention of viewers that plain text. If you can develop videos that can share knowledge related to your business that viewers would find relevant, you can post them in YouTube – the second largest search engine in the world. Viewers generally don’t go through complete long form text blogs that explores a business’ services. They prefer a short video or an infographic which visually explains everything.
  2. Customize posts depending on the social media platform: The main advantage of this practice is the fact that it shows your dedication to your customer base on all social media platforms you are present in. It also improves your business’ credibility and that you actually care how customers see your post and what they see.
  3. Integrate offline marketing campaigns with online ones: By integrating your offline marketing campaigns with online campaigns, you will be able to reach a wider audience. More people will be aware of your brand and what your business is. Though this is easier said than done, it’s nevertheless an effective approach. 
  4. Prompt response to user queries and comments: The users should know that you take their queries and comments seriously even if they haven’t purchased any of your products or availed any of your services. They could be posting queries in the comments section of your social media posts which can easily go unnoticed. It’s up to you to track each of your posts, and respond to user comments and queries appropriately thus letting them know that you value their presence and their feedbacks are noticed. 
  5. Content calendar for each social media platform:  You should have a content calendar with posting schedules for each of your business’ social media platform, instead of just posting different types of content and news randomly and at odd timings. The calendar should be prepared in a way that each content reaches the right users at the right time when posted. This can make things much easier to track, and engage more people successfully. 


There are many best practices you can follow to improve your online marketing strategy. But it requires significant investment in time and a dedicated effort. If you are unable to invest time in handling the social media marketing for all your channels, it’s best to approach a reliable and reputed integrated digital marketing solutions provider. Social media marketing can be leveraged effectively without spending a good cut of the marketing budget.