Finding the Right Social Media Expert Consultancy
Finding the Right Social Media Expert Consultancy

By going on line, businesses are presented with a number of opportunities to trade on a global scale. In the digital realm, it’s easier for businesses to interact with their customers and prospects. To build relationships and to personally establish brand presence in a target market, the best approach is to use social media networks which explains why social media marketing Dubai is a rapidly growing industry.

However, it’s not easy to establish a strong social media presence. Businesses may not always get it right and may struggle for months trying to figure out the right social media marketing strategy. In addition, many businesses are also reluctant when it comes to investing in social media marketing alone. They often tend to give it second priority and focus more on SEO of their website. As a matter of fact, many companies providing SEO services in Dubai also offer social media marketing services as an add-on to their SEO package or as an independent service.

But why delegate social media management and marketing to an SEO expert when you can hire a social media consultant specializing in social media marketing strategies?

Here are 3 useful tips to find the right social media consultant for your business.

Check their stats

If you can make a list of potential social media consultants for your business, make sure to ask them for their marketing stats. The difference between an amateur and a professional marketer is conversion. If the consultancy claims to be experts in social media marketing, don’t hesitate to ask them for statistical proof to their claims. They should give you verifiable proof of how they made notable differences for other brands’ social media channels.

Even if you have to go an extra mile to verify their claims, do it instead of taking their word for it. If they claim to have worked for renowned brands, verify it. Their handiwork should be evident in those brands’ social media profiles which is public.

Ask for certifications

If they are claiming to be leading experts in social media marketing, they should obviously be certified. They should at least have one recognized certification in social media consultancy that validates their claim to be a professional.

Check out their social media profiles & reviews

They claim to be social media experts. This should, therefore, reflect in their own social media profiles right? Checking out your potential social media consultant’s social media networks is a good way to understand how they do things. If their own social media networks are a mess, how can they improve yours?

When you look at third party reviews of the shortlisted consultants, try to see beyond the star ratings. Check out what their previous customers have to say about their services and identify which aspect of their service is the weakest.


Social media marketing can make or break your business. With efficient social media management & marketing, you can build your brand reputation, relationships, and customer loyalty leading to more traffic, more leads and conversions. But doing it the wrong way even once may severely impact your brand’s online reputation and may deter potential customers. It won’t be easy to undo the damage.

This is why it’s important to find the right company to manage your social media presence. There are many companies that specialize in social media marketing in the online marketing Dubai sector. Hopefully, the tips in this article will help you zero in on the right one for your brand.