Ground Rules for Using Videos in Social Media Marketing
Ground Rules for Using Videos in Social Media Marketing

It is common knowledge to many social media marketers in Dubai, that they must include visual content to their plans. This includes dynamic videos and video clips. A recent survey by HubSpot notes that around 81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool. With video content becoming a critical component of online marketing in UAE, it is of greater importance to invest in it integrate with the current market plan seamlessly and gain return on investment.

Although the social media operates in a dynamic world which needs constant innovation and experimentation, there are a few ground rules that could followed to drive results, foster engagement and increase followers.

  1. Optimize for Mobile: Video consumption has been diverted from desktop to mobile and tablets and moreover social media platforms are redesigned to cater to mobile users. Hence failing to optimize for mobile would be a huge blunder especially if you are creating videos for social media consumption.  
  2. Subtitle Your Videos: A whopping 85% of the video content is viewed on mute on social media. If you are rolling out video content with no subtitles probably you are failing to gain attention of millions of users. So, make sure to add subtitles and an irresistible introduction or thumbnail, unless you want your views to simply scroll down to the next video in their feed.
  3. Three Second Hook: As mentioned in the last section, a killer intro is crucial in setting the context for your content as well as for your user. Users should know the crux of the video within three second, so develop an element that hooks them on to the video. And the video length should be restricted to 15 to 20sec videos to optimally utilize the user’s attention span. 
  4. Have a Good Time: Many content creators tend to ignore this fact. People want engaging content that makes them laugh, smile or think. To connect your video with your viewers always try including elements that needs story telling and fosters human connection. It should be noted that it takes effort to ensure whether your content is relevant to your users. But it is worth the effort.
  5. SEO Strategy: Another probable advantage of video content is that it also improves your SEO rankings. If employed tactically video can be significant to overall SEO strategy, in more than one way. Hence it often suggested by SEO companies in Dubai.  At the end of it all, it is important to keep in mind that social media is quickly evolving. So make sure to try out new things, diligently track what works and what not, and tailor your strategy accordingly.