Step Wise Guide to The Perfect Social Media Strategy
Step Wise Guide to The Perfect Social Media Strategy

Are you sorted when it comes to your social media marketing strategy? Do you feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start? Breathe a sigh of relief. You are not alone. From trying to figure out the right content strategy to choosing the right channels for marketing is a serious concern for many companies offering integrated digital marketing solutions.

Below is stepwise guide to help you identify your goals, engage audiences, and maximise results:

1. Have A Clear Picture of What You Want

Before starting out to chart out your social media marketing strategy for Dubai 

You need to have a clear picture of want you want to achieve. This might mean generating more revenue or reaching out to new followers.

Here are a few pointers.

  • Brand Awareness: To create an authentic and enduring image for your brand, avoid using social media platforms only to publish promotional messages. Instead try to tailor your content highlighting your personality or values first.
  • Generating Leads and Sales: Loyal customers don’t turn up from thin air. You need to invest in them. Have you tried alerting your existing customer base about new products and promos?
  • Generate Brand Audience: Growing your customer tribe means finding innovative ways to introduce your brand to people who have never heard of you before. It also means finding what is happening around your business and the industry that matter most. For this you must pay attention to specific keywords, phrases, or hashtags.
  • Community Engagement: Find innovative means to grab the attention of your current followers. For instance, do your brand give space to user-generated content and hashtags? Even something as basic as posting a question can boost your engagement rate.
  • Web Traffic: If your focus is keenly on generating leads or traffic to your website, it can be made possible through social media. Keeping a close check on conversions and URL clicks can help you better understand your ROI from social media.

Any combination of the goals listed above can give you a fair idea and help you get a handle on the networks to tackle.

2. Know Your Target Audience

There is ample data provided by various social media analytics tools to know who your key audience are. These numbers directly speak to you and you can tailor make your current strategy according to the needs and tastes of your audiences.

3. Set Your Metrics Right

With a data driven social media world it is important to set the right metrics. A few metrics can be

  • Reach: Post reach can be defined by the number of users who saw your post. It can clearly indicate if your content is reaching to your audience. Hence monitoring your reach is undoubtedly more important than ever.
  • Clicks: Clicks are crucial in the sense that it indicates how users are moving through your marketing tunnel. Closely watching the clicks per campaign is critical to understand what drives user curiosity.
  • Engagement: This metric essentially signifies the people who actually interacted with your post divided by the total reach. This means your audience perception about your brand and how willing are they to interact.
  • Hashtag: Have a clear idea about the hashtags that were used on your side, the hashtags which were mostly associated with your brand or the hashtags that created the most engagement. Having answers to such questions will help shape the focus of your content.

4. Listen to Your Competitors

Examining your competitor’s social media channels will clearly make you understand about the gaps in your social media strategy. The key take away is not to copycat or steal their ideas but to determine the elements that is working for them and what elements can you adapt to your own campaigns.

5. Content Is All That Matters

Your online marketing initiatives in UAE is essentially focussed on content. Your content should be rooted on your goal, values, and brand identity. Last but not the least your content should speak with your audience. Audience timelines are not dumping space for your content.

And with this we wrap up the guide for the perfect social media strategy. You can always come back to this guide to brush up on the basics. Ciao and Happy Planning!