How Businesses can use Facebook?
How Businesses can use Facebook?

Facebook has apparently become a synonym for social media marketing now. A platform actively used worldwide by over 1.5 billion people, Facebook is where you can effectively advertise your business targeting specific demographics, and build a solid relationship with your customers. 

Advertising on Facebook provides a lot of great opportunities for all businesses – big or small. The company will be able to generate more online sales, get a lot of followers for their brand, and create a platform where customers can interact with them and discuss about the products. 

Attract Likes or Increase online sales

Before developing a Facebook marketing strategy, you should be sure of your objective – drive traffic to your website and generate more sales OR drive traffic to your Facebook page or a fan page, get likes and subscriptions, and enhance your brand visibility. 

Businesses can benefit from both, and that is the reason why your marketing strategy should be designed for a combination of both. 

Attract Likes - A commonly followed strategy is to advertise an attractive product or a great deal through a fan page, where users will have to like the post to see the offer. After getting the like, they can be redirected to the webpage for making purchases. This enhances both brand visibility and sales. 

However, many other businesses use Facebook not to generate sales but to establish a fan base. These businesses could be physical establishments like restaurants, clothing stores etc. and may not offer online purchases. They just want to raise the brand awareness.

In this case, the goal is to garner active fans to spread the word about your establishment. This is beneficial for their business. But to have an active fan base, you may need to interact with them, run contests or polls and other fun activities in your Facebook page. 

Online Sales – For generating more sales, businesses need only to advertise on Facebook. A user can be redirected to your website when they click through external website ads in Facebook. 

The best thing about using Facebook to generate sales is that you get results quickly. You can also tweak your marketing strategy if necessary after analyzing the revenue through social media marketing and the expenses incurred.

Just because you use external website advertisements doesn’t mean you shouldn’t focus on attracting more likes to your business’ Facebook page. 

Reach the target audience

Traditional retailers and small businesses benefit the most from online marketing on Facebook. Most small businesses offer unique products or service for a small customer base. Facebook lets their marketing reach this audience with a personal approach.


Although risky, social media platforms allow small scale businesses to compete with larger corporations. Social media networks like Facebook actually lets you understand the demographics of your product, and offer the product or service to the right audience.  Social media marketing is now a core element of search engine optimization as well.