How to Develop a Social Media Content Strategy in 5 Steps
How to Develop a Social Media Content Strategy in 5 Steps

Social Media brought direct engagement to a whole new dimension. Building a loyal fan base within social media is what many local businesses are aiming for as part of their new marketing strategies. The idea is to make the users keep coming back for more. The current trend in Social Media Marketing Dubai focuses more on direct interaction with users in social media. 

Although this is one way to do it, a better strategy is to combine direct interaction/online community with a solid content strategy. Here are 5 steps to develop a good social media content strategy.

1. Finalizing an Audience

The first step is to establish an audience, i.e. realizing who the audience is and what they want from you. Obviously, you can’t create good social content if you don’t know who the audience is. Use Google Analytics and other search engine optimization and social media analysis tools to research your target audience. 

2. Keyword Research

Keyword research or, more specifically, social keyword research is something that can help enhance the contents you post in social media. You can find a number of good social research tools online that allow you to import and analyze social media search results for keywords and hashtags. 

Once you identify the specific needs of the audience and proper keywords that can address them through a good content, you can move on to the next step.

3. Test Social Networks

A few years ago, you could have just focused on Facebook or any one or two social media platforms. But now brands have expanded over multiple social media landscapes. Now you have to create pages or profiles in multiple social networks and maintain them properly for some time till you get enough traction. 

Use multiple social marketing techniques in each network to identify which one works best. This also gives you an idea on what form of content will work in each platform. 

4. Develop a Calendar for Content

Now that you know what content goes where and who you are writing for, you can plan your contents. For this, it’s better to use a content calendar – an editorial one for every content drafted and also including monthly holidays, business events, festivals, company events etc. 

5. Analyze Site Performance

A slow loading page can be a big turn-off for users and is where many content campaigns end up. A calendar can be of use here because you can anticipate the amount of traffic that will come in, and give a head-start for your tech team to plan and prepare. Make sure to analyze your site/page performance and how responsive it will be once your social media content marketing campaign starts.