LinkedIn Marketing Tips for Small Businesses
LinkedIn Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Almost every internet user has at least one account in at least one social media network. Social media has become so important that it’s considered one of the best ways to drive traffic to a business website. Social media marketing is as important as search engine marketing, for small to medium scale businesses.

The first thing that may come to your mind when you hear social media is Facebook. But for a business, there is one other social network that can potentially help grow their business faster – LinkedIn. With over 400 million users, LinkedIn is mostly overlooked or seen as a resume-sharing platform. Truth is LinkedIn can be a very effective marketing tool.

LinkedIn, being a social media network, means that there would be no middlemen for your business to interact with your customers. You interact with them directly.

Here are a few marketing tips for small businesses to leverage the potential of LinkedIn.

Your Employees Should Post Content 

Marketing departments of many small businesses usually forget to seek the help of employees not in their department to help with marketing. Because they are experienced in their own departments, they can provide some good insights in the form of content.

If they don’t have the writing skills, you can hire an editor. Post the articles in their name and in your company’s name on LinkedIn. Encourage them to share the post to expand its reach. Tag your connections to this content for greater exposure. This is easy content marketing.

Make use of LinkedIn Recommendations

Recommendations heavily influence the decision of a potential consumer to purchase a service. The best form of recommendation is word-of-mouth marketing. 

LinkedIn allows your customers to recommend you. They can post their testimonials which will be visible in your business’ page. Everyone in your network can view these recommendations. This doesn’t cost you anything and is a commonly practiced marketing technique. In addition, each recommendation also earns you a validation badge from LinkedIn. 

If you don’t mind investing a bit on social media marketing, you can pay and use LinkedIn recommendation ads which places your recommendations in your profile page at a more strategically appropriate place where visitors won’t miss them. 

Content Generation on LinkedIn Pulse

Small business may not always be able to invest time and money on generating contents and posting them. But even if they don’t post very often, every post should count. 

To make them count, they will have to do some research, determine a target market, and joining those groups where their target customers actively participate. Offer them solutions when they post issues, and prepare/post articles that deals with the issues effectively. Basically, they need to build trust.

A well-crafted Profile

A good majority of purchases start with just a simple search in a search engine. So a well-crafted profile is very important. ‘Well-crafted’ includes search engine friendliness. Use keywords in your business description, posts etc. for search engine optimization

If you have the budget, go for pay per click option that can get more exposure to your profile. Premium LinkedIn accounts can also increase your visibility in targeted markets. 

Use Advanced Marketing Apps in LinkedIn

LinkedIn allows users to add advanced applications that can boost their business, build brand awareness, enhance brand visibility, and expand your network in turn getting your more leads. The apps you can use will depend on your business, marketing strategy and target market.

You can also create events and post invitations to your connections. This can get you face-to-face with potential partners and customers, and is a good way to establish connections and make your business known. 

End Note

Marketing on LinkedIn can up your game considerably providing you with a lot of opportunities to progress your business goals. LinkedIn is the largest business networking site in the world, and can be a game-changer even for businesses without a lot of budget, connections or professional influence.