5 Common Reasons Your Social Media Marketing Strategy Fails
5 Common Reasons Your Social Media Marketing Strategy Fails
There are times when you feel like your social media strategy isn’t as effective as you thought it would be. According to social media marketing Dubai, it may have to do with a few things that you have overlooked. Here are 5 common reasons that could explain social media strategy failure.

You Lack a Solid Plan

Thinking that your social media is just a glorified advertisement platform is a mistake. It’s a powerful tool that can catapult your business to new heights if used wisely. But many people fail to use this tool the way it should be. Without a solid plan, your social media strategy wouldn’t be effective. 

This plan should take into account your business goals, channels you should use, budget, and methods to achieve the goals. As social media keeps evolving constantly, you should also be up to date with the changes and trends so you can fine tune your plan. This also means the plan should be flexible. 

So basically, you will need three answers to come up with a plan.  

  • Goals
  • Ways to measure the progress of the marketing campaign
  • Ways to achieve the goals

You are Not Responsive Enough

Easy access to the internet these days have made users impatient i.e. they now expect quick responses from vendors and businesses. If they are made to wait for a long time, they may seek solutions from a different company. This is why excellent customer service is the norm these days. 

Try to respond to users who mention your business as quickly as possible. Your clients and potential ones will appreciate it if you answer their questions and suggest a solution that your business can provide. You should react to both positive and negative feedbacks promptly. A responsive brand is generally counted as a reliable one by users. The bigger the circle of devoted users, the faster your business grows.

You don’t Use Call-To-Action

Using social media posts to engage your followers can be quite challenging, especially when competitors are using the same platform. Regular social media activities and prompt responses to user queries will help you stand out to some extent. 

You can increase this engagement if you can tempt the audience to respond to your post – leave a comment on the post or retweet/share the post etc. Call-to-action (CTA) gets results faster and more efficiently. You can even add links to redirect your audience to your official website or use CTA in your responses to comments. 

You are Too Formal

This is probably the most common mistake that brands make when interacting with their audience through social media. They try to communicate professionally, which actually does more harm than good in a social media environment where people express themselves freely. The platform is supposed to reduce the distance between a business and its consumers. 

Consumers these days get quite a lot of automated messages and cold calls. If they get a similar interaction from businesses they want to rely on, it’d be a turn off. You should be a little informal when interacting with audiences. This also makes them understand that you are tending to their individual needs and helping solve their problems in turn building a good rapport. 

You don’t Track Progress and Results

If you want your social media marketing strategy to work, you will have to carefully monitor and track the progress of the campaign, and the results. If you can also invest on mining the data obtained from the analysis, it can give you some valuable insights. 

A social media marketer needs to have at least basic analytical skills. The data from the analyses hide answers to many questions about your marketing strategy. From the data, you will also be able to figure out what went wrong, and where they went wrong. This can help you fine tune the strategy to become considerably more effective.