Social Media To Bring More Traffic To Websites Than Search Engines
Social Media To Bring More Traffic To Websites Than Search Engines

A marketing strategy devoid of social media components hasn’t fully explored the possibilities of driving traffic to websites. Although majority of users opt for the typical way of using search engines to find websites, the younger generation rely more on social media for the same. This calls for more strategic Social Media Marketing in Dubai.

There are people who spent a lot of time on social networks on a daily basis, which increases the chances of websites getting noticed through that medium. According to a report from Cambridge, Massachusetts, more than 40% of users aged between 24 and 32 used social networks to find websites among various other things last year. There has been a decline in search engine popularity since 2010.

All this seems to point toward the fact that user behavior in the internet keeps constantly changing. Many marketers are still oblivious to this fact focusing more on SEO and paid search. Although SEO efforts can be fruitful, social media can potentially drive more traffic and at a faster pace than standard SEO techniques.

Other facts mentioned in the report include:

Direct Marketing: Finding websites through corporate mails still works.

Paid Search: Paid search has proven to be still effective for many firms.

Links: More than 25% of internet users discover new websites from links on pages they visit.