5 Kinds of Social Media Posts That Generate Engagement
5 Kinds of Social Media Posts That Generate Engagement

For a business - small or big, one of the most powerful tools they can use right from the beginning is social media. Though the tool is theirs for the taking, it’s a challenge to leverage social media properly to boost business growth. The posts and how they can engage a user is the key to using social media for a business. This is why social media marketing is a big thing now. 

According to social media marketing Dubai, there are no specific rules you can follow to keep engagement alive. But you can still figure out the kind of posts that can grab a user’s attention. 

These posts, like every digital marketing tactic, should be aligned with the goals of your business. Here are a 5 ideas that can generate user engagement.

1) Asking questions

Social media networks are where people feel free to post their opinions on anything and everything. These opinions can influence businesses positively or negatively. Rather than relying on users commenting and sharing/retweeting posts, you can keep them engaged by posting questions that users can comment and reply to. As long as this aligns with the business, your brand strength can increase.

2) Offering tips and guidance

Users who purchased your products or services may appreciate helpful tips. If you can post content that gives users some valuable tips on using a product or a service, the user may want to share it allowing you to reach more potential customers. Providing your guidance also asserts the fact that the business cares for its customers. 

3) Encourage users to post content

Social media is also a place where people go through peer reviews before deciding to purchase something. They want to see what other people think about a specific product or service. So it’s pretty much a guarantee that users will be looking out content posted by other users. You can encourage users to post content including images or videos on your business’ social media profile, so more people can see and take part in the discussion. Such posts also tempt people to share their opinions while you can drop in and interact with them to build relationships.

4) Post video content 

For businesses, videos can be leveraged to connect people with the brand on a personal level by giving them insights on what the business is, how it operates, and the people behind it. It essentially familiarizes them with the company’s culture. It’s been made easier to share videos on social media profiles now.

5) Photos

Tell a story and people will listen. That’s the key to making great content. You can use photos to tell a story visually or promote events. Videos and photos get more click-throughs than text-based content. You can even keep users engaged by asking them to caption photos or share them for a reward.