Simple Tips to Use Social Media for Small Business
Simple Tips to Use Social Media for Small Business

Social media is used by many to connect with customers who already love your brand. It also offers the benefit of reaching out those who haven’t yet heard of your business. Getting started with search engine optimization in Dubai need not be scary or expensive as anticipated.

Follow these simple tips in social media marketing of any size to reach out to new markets, build brand awareness and drive sales.    

1. Start with a Plan

For the newbies it might be tempting to dive in and just post something. But wait. Like every good business strategy, using social media for success requires a plan and strategy. For starters you can do organic posts for free but with a clear idea of what to achieve.  

2. Decide which Platforms are Right for You

Please don’t assume on the platforms that your audience spends their time. Make a detail study on your key customers. The platform should be decided based on your customer demography. If you are targeting millennials, you should skip Facebook and focus on Instagram and Snapchat. But there are also other data that shows 84% of millennials still use Facebook.

3. Know Your Audience

One benefit of using social media is that you can micro-target your audience. But you need to know who your audience is. Begin by collecting data on your current customers. Then go deeper with the social media analytics. You can avail the help of SEO companies in Dubai. You will start to have a clear picture of who is buying from and interacting with you online.

4. Build Relationships

Another major benefit of social media marketing for small business in Dubai is that it allows you to build a solid relationship with your customers and followers. Rather than asking for a sale upfront you can build relationships over time. Over 40 percent of digital customers use social media platforms to research new brands or products.

Part of that discovery is getting to know what your brand is all about and what your brand values are.    

When people engage with your content, it is a great idea to engage back. This helps to build trust and loyalty among your customers.

5. Share Visually Strong Images

People have come to expect social posts to include a visual component in the form of video or images. These components have immense power and drive many real-world actions. Most millennials and Gen Z internet users said that their most recent online buys are based on images they encountered on social media.