What You Can Do To Improve Domain Authority
What You Can Do To Improve Domain Authority

Almost every search engine optimizer knows the importance of domain authority (DA). Any experienced SEO Consultant in Dubai would recommend executing an SEO strategy that either improves DA or exploits an already high DA. A high domain authority naturally improves the SEO score of a website. However, like any metric, DA is often abused by SEOs who don’t know better.

This is because DA is often perceived as a success drive rather than a success indicator which is what it’s actually meant for. DA doesn’t directly influence Google rankings, and therefore is often neglected. But it’s a fact that the relationship between domain authority and link equity can No expert in the search engine optimization UAE sector actually knows a definitive way to improve the factors that drive domain authority. But there are many things that can be done to stand a good chance of earning a great DA, and subsequently better rankings. 

Earn high-authority links

Links from websites with high domain authority always carried major ranking power. Such links drive not just domain authority but page authority as well. Earning such links isn’t easy however, and requires a lot of dedication and patience. But once such links are acquired, all one needs to do is just proceed with the usual SEO activities to increase traffic.

Remove bad links and avoid spammy ones

Links from sites or pages with a bad reputation is an open invitation to Google to de-rank a website. However, low-authority links aren’t necessarily bad. Not always. It’s not at all a bad idea to have links from low-authority pages and domains provided they are relevant and useful to searchers. But spammy links are a different matter. It’s essentially a black hat tactic that could end up with your website getting penalized.

More links for more traffic

For good domain authority, it’s also a good idea to earn links from sites and pages with high traffic. Such links indicate that your own website is popularly considered useful. In addition, these links also increase traffic. 


It’s possible to ‘buy’ links. Many SEOs still do that. Some of them do it knowing that it’s a black hat tactic that can do more harm than good. Not all of them are detected for this all too convenient shortcut. The ones that go through the hassle of building links organically reap better benefits eventually. Any reliable company offering integrated digital marketing solutions recommend white-hat SEO tactics to improve brand visibility, traffic, and domain authority.