What Makes a Backlink Good
What Makes a Backlink Good

Backlinks are simply the links created from one page of a website to another. If somebody links to your website, then you gained a backlink from them. If you link your website to another, then they gained a backlink from yours.

Following are some features that add to the quality and effectiveness of a backlink.


Google considers more significance to relevant backlinks since persons are more probable to click on them. For instance, think if a plumber got backlinks from two different pages, one about kittens and the other about fitting boilers. We can easily understand that chances are the most for the second as it is relevant to a plumber, helping more to the search engine optimization in Dubai.


Backlinks from robust web pages frequently bring more authority than those from feeble pages. Google states that the authority is nothing but a split alike between all outbound links on a web page. So if you hold backlinks from two pages, one with more outbound links than the other then the link from the page with fewer outbound links handovers more authority. Also, internal backlinks play a big role in adding to a page’s authority.


Backlinks formed from high-traffic pages shall generally fetch you more referral traffic compared to those from fewer-traffic pages. The actual query is if backlinks from high-traffic pages positively move more rankings than from low-traffic pages. There exists a small but strong connection between rankings and backlinks from pages having organic search traffic and social media marketing in Dubai also contributes to it. But the sheer sum of backlinks from distinctive websites (referring domains) and page-level authority seem to be more imperative.


As folks are more expected to click prominently-placed links, specific links on web pages possibly transfer more authority than others. This is how the right placement of the backlinks matters for better search engine marketing in Dubai.